Exclusive Article By Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia | Save Our Future | #PANAMAPAPERS

When we undermine the caution of time and history and live as though we have conquered truth and crucified reason, something gives.
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When the rich, the powerful and the mighty weave channels of perfidy, perfect crafts that undermine due process, and out of greed and conceit compromise set rules and evade tax, something gives.

I challenge humanity to look inward and excavate new paradigms that must enhance decorum, deepen our brotherhood and broaden the frontiers of love and of peace. Truth be told, when the rich and the powerful evade tax they shortchange society and deprive the poor and the weak. When Public Office Holders loot and thieve they deny the led quid pro quos from the social contract theorem that prescribes service as duty of leadership. Where responsible and responsive leadership is lacking, terror, violence, villainy and hate festers, something gives.

We cannot defeat terror when some hide wealth they cannot exhaust in ten lifetimes in tax havens whilst others die of hunger and deprivation. We cannot accommodate sleaze and thieving and expect a peaceful universe.

The billions and trillions stolen by the powerful, and those hidden by the rich can deplete the army of unengaged youths that populate terror gangs and cells. The Panama Papers indicts the Rich, the Powerful, and the Famous and shows how selfish and heartless our world has become.

When we sacrifice welfare at the altar of trade-fare and warfare, something gives. When we excuse greed, corruption and avarice, something gives. We must walk the highway of love and brotherhood certain that the force of love is the surest weapon that wins the peace.

We must elect to make real God’s purpose for humankind which true LOVE and brotherhood guarantees.



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